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Jeroen van Veen

Canto Ostinato for two pianos and two marimbas

Composer: Simeon ten Holt
Performers: Sandra en Jeroen van Veen, Pianos Peter Elbertse & Esther Doornink, Marimbas
Duration: 72'32

We recorded this version of Canto Ostinato in the Barbara-Church of Culemborg. In this church, every night at 9.55 p.m. the oatmeal-porridge bells ring to draw everyone's attention to bedtime. These church-bells date from the fourteenth century and cannot be shut off. Therefore, they are to be heard half way the recording. However, we found this a wonderful and beautiful mix of sounds!
Produced by: Piano Productions V.O.F./ Van Veen Productions Executive Producer: J.J.M. van Veen Engineered by: J.J.M. van Veen Recording location: Hervormde Barbarakerk, Culemborg Recording date: September 3, 1999 Editing: Salisbury Sound Design: Hans Bassa BNO (Studio Bassa)
At this CD we skipped sections 88 to 89 from the score. The composition is therefore one hour instead of the usual approximately two hours. The fine combination of pianos with marimbas works out very well. The sustaining tone from the piano is rather short, in comparison to the marimba, which has a long sustain. This technical matter is only one aspect, because the most important addition is of course the beautiful coloring. The pallet of color is richer and more varied, compared to the piano versions. Ten Holts compositions for multiple pianos or keyboards show four or more staves with melodic elements which can be performed altogether, one by one, or cumulating. To play or not to play is even. Jeroen Van Veen
1= Audience 00:06 2= Part 1 33:40 3= Theme (74) 07:40 4= Part II (89) 15:55 5= Theme (95) 02:30 6= Part IV (100)04:49 7= Applause 00:45 8= Encore,Theme 07:03
Total Playing time: 72:32